1: Discover the top high-fiber fruits for weight loss recommended by a gastroenterologist.

2: Lose weight with delicious high-fiber fruits like apples and pears. Learn more here.

3: Boost your weight loss journey with fiber-rich berries such as raspberries and blackberries.

4: Add fiber and sweetness to your diet with high-fiber fruits like strawberries.

5: Feel full and satisfied with high-fiber fruits like oranges and kiwis. Learn more here.

6: Incorporate bananas into your diet for a healthy dose of fiber and weight loss benefits.

7: Snack on fiber-packed avocados for weight loss and digestive health.

8: Explore the weight loss benefits of high-fiber fruits like guava and mango.

9: Achieve your weight loss goals with these top 7 high-fiber fruits recommended by a gastroenterologist.