1: Original "Suits" actor Gabriel Macht hints at possible spinoff return. Fans are excited for the potential continuation of the beloved legal drama.

2: Macht, who portrayed Harvey Specter on "Suits," sparks speculation about reprising his iconic role. Could a spinoff be in the works?

3: The actor's recent comments have fueled rumors of a comeback. Will Harvey Specter make a triumphant return to the small screen?

4: Macht's on-screen chemistry with co-stars was a highlight of the original series. A spinoff could explore new storylines for his character.

5: Fans are eager to see Macht back in action as the charismatic lawyer. Could a spinoff bring back the magic of "Suits"?

6: The actor's potential return has fans buzzing on social media. A spinoff starring Macht could be a dream come true for loyal viewers.

7: Macht's performance as Harvey Specter left a lasting impact on audiences. A spinoff may provide closure for fans of the original series.

8: Speculation about a spinoff has intensified following Macht's comments. Will the beloved character of Harvey Specter make a comeback?

9: Stay tuned for updates on a possible spinoff featuring the iconic character. Macht's return could reignite the passion of "Suits" fans worldwide.