1: French Manicure Fails: Common Mistakes to Avoid for Perfect Nails

2: 1. Overloading the white polish can result in a thick, uneven look.

3: 2. Skimping on the base coat can lead to staining and weakened nails.

4: 3. Uneven tips can ruin the classic French manicure look.

5: 4. Ignoring cuticle care can make the manicure look messy and unprofessional.

6: 5. Applying top coat too soon can smudge the polish and ruin the finish.

7: 6. Using old or clumpy polish can result in a streaky, uneven application.

8: 7. Failing to seal the tips can cause premature chipping and wear.

9: 8. Neglecting to clean up any mistakes can make the manicure look sloppy.