1: Start your day with a healthy Banh Mi sandwich, filled with lean protein and fresh veggies.

2: Enjoy a refreshing bowl of Pho, a flavorful broth-based soup packed with nutritious ingredients.

3: Savor a delicious Banh Xeo, a crispy Vietnamese crepe filled with veggies and protein.

4: Indulge in a nutritious bowl of Chao Ga, a comforting chicken rice porridge.

5: Try a light and flavorful bowl of Bun Bo Hue, a spicy beef noodle soup that's sure to satisfy.

6: Wake up to a Banh Canh Cua, a hearty crab noodle soup loaded with flavor.

7: Stay energized with a Banh Cuon, a soft rice noodle roll filled with savory ingredients.

8: Balance your breakfast with a Banh Mi Op La, a Vietnamese-style omelette sandwich that's easy to make.

9: Fuel your day with these four best Vietnamese breakfasts that are perfect for busy people wanting to lose weight.