1: Start your day with nutritious vegan breakfasts. Quick, delicious recipes that fight inflammation.

2: Easy avocado toast with cherry tomatoes. Packed with healthy fats and antioxidants.

3: Colorful berry smoothie bowl with chia seeds. A refreshing breakfast full of vitamins and minerals.

4: Turmeric spiced oatmeal with nuts and seeds. Anti-inflammatory and filling for busy mornings.

5: Creamy coconut chia pudding with fresh fruit. A sweet treat that's good for you too.

6: Chickpea scramble with veggies and herbs. A protein-packed breakfast that's kid-approved.

7: Quinoa porridge with cinnamon and banana. Warm and satisfying for the whole family.

8: Roasted sweet potato and kale breakfast bowl. A savory option that's easy to make ahead.

9: Stay on track with these Mediterranean-inspired vegan breakfasts. Healthy, flavorful, and loved by kids.