1: Discover a refreshing collection of mocktail recipes inspired by the Mediterranean.

2: Indulge in flavors like watermelon basil cooler and minty cucumber limeade.

3: Sip on a citrusy orange ginger fizz or a tangy pomegranate mojito.

4: Treat yourself to a lavender lemonade or a blueberry basil smash.

5: Enjoy the tropical taste of mango coconut cooler or pineapple mint spritzer.

6: Dive into a rich raspberry rosemary refresher or a spicy jalapeno cucumber cooler.

7: Experience the delicate balance of flavors in a grapefruit thyme spritz.

8: Toast to summer with a strawberry basil smash or a peach chamomile cooler.

9: Get ready to impress your guests with these 10 mocktail masterpieces from the Mediterranean.