1: "Meet Dr. Richard Webber, the first Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital."

2: "Dr. Miranda Bailey, the fierce and dedicated Chief of Surgery with a heart of gold."

3: "Dr. Owen Hunt, the former Chief of Surgery known for his strong leadership skills."

4: "Dr. Derek Shepherd, the talented neurosurgeon who also served as Chief of Surgery."

5: "Dr. Ellis Grey, the brilliant surgeon who paved the way as Chief of Surgery."

6: "Dr. Callie Torres, the inventive orthopedic surgeon who held the position of Chief of Surgery."

7: "Dr. Preston Burke, the skilled cardiothoracic surgeon who once served as Chief of Surgery."

8: "Dr. Catherine Fox, the powerful and influential Chief of Surgery who made her mark at Grey Sloan."

9: "Dr. Teddy Altman, the experienced trauma surgeon who also took on the role of Chief of Surgery."