1: 1. Shortness of Breath: Feeling winded might be a sign of impending heart issues.

2: 2. Chest Pain: Crushing or squeezing chest pain indicates heart trouble.

3: 3. Fatigue: Extreme tiredness signals possible heart problems.

4: 4. Dizziness: Feeling lightheaded or dizzy could be a warning sign.

5: 5. Nausea: Unexplained nausea can be a symptom of an impending heart attack.

6: 6. Sweating: Profuse sweating without exertion may indicate heart issues.

7: 7. Irregular Heartbeat: A fluttering or irregular heartbeat is cause for concern.

8: 8. Jaw Pain: Jaw discomfort can be a subtle sign of heart trouble.

9: 9. Arm Pain: Pain in the left arm is a classic symptom of a heart attack.