1: Discover the 20Min Mediterranean Diet Breakfasts for Busy 40s. Start your day right for glowing skin.

2: Try Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts. A quick and nutritious breakfast option.

3: Avocado toast with tomatoes and feta cheese. A delicious and satisfying meal in minutes.

4: Egg and vegetable frittata. Packed with protein and veggies for a balanced start to the day.

5: Smoothie bowl with berries and granola. A refreshing and easy breakfast that's full of antioxidants.

6: Whole grain toast with almond butter and bananas. A simple but delicious breakfast option.

7: Chia seed pudding with fresh fruit. A healthy and filling breakfast that's ready in no time.

8: Mediterranean-inspired oatmeal with nuts and honey. A warm and comforting meal that's quick to make.

9: Tofu scramble with spinach and mushrooms. A protein-packed breakfast to keep you satisfied until lunchtime.