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8 simple and delicious freezer food recipes

Vegetable lasagna layer lasagna noodles ricotta cheese sautéed vegetables marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese freeze in portions and bake when needed

Chicken pot pie make a creamy chicken and vegetable filling top it with a flaky pastry crust and freeze in individual piesized portions

Chili cook a big batch of chili with ground beef beans tomatoes and spices portion it into containers and freeze for quick hearty meals

Homemade pizza prepare and parbake pizza crusts with your favorite toppings freeze them for a convenient homemade pizza night

Spinach and cheese stuffed shells stuff jumbo pasta shells with a mixture of spinach and ricotta cheese then freeze with marinara sauce for an easy pasta dish

Beef and vegetable stirfry cook thinly sliced beef with vegetables and your choice of stirfry sauce freeze in individual servings and reheat for a quick healthy meal

Chicken enchiladas roll shredded chicken cheese and enchilada sauce in tortillas freeze them and bake to perfection when youre ready to enjoy

Homemade soup prepare a variety of soups like chicken noodle minestrone or tomato bisque in large batches freeze in individual containers for comforting readytoheat meals