7 Dangerous Countries Americans Should Probably Avoid Going To At All Costs

7 dangerous countries americans should probably avoid going to at all costs

Afghanistan afghanistan has been plagued by ongoing conflict and political instability making it a dangerous destination for travelers

Iraq iraq has experienced significant political and security challenges in recent years the country continues to face the threat of terrorism armed conflict and violence

Syria syria has been embroiled in a devastating civil war since 2011 the conflict has resulted in widespread violence including bombings armed clashes and the presence of extremist groups

Yemen yemen has been facing a complex humanitarian crisis and ongoing conflict the country is affected by armed conflict terrorism and a deteriorating security situation

Libya libya has experienced political instability and armed conflict since the overthrow of its former government in 2011

Somalia somalia has faced ongoing conflict political instability and the presence of extremist groups the country has a high risk of terrorism piracy and violent crime

North korea north korea is known for its strict government control and limited access for foreigners the country has a history of detaining foreign nationals and has limited diplomatic relations with the united states

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