1: Emma Stone shines in these must-watch movies. Find out which film takes the top spot!

2: #7: "The Help" - Emma's powerful performance is not to be missed in this heartwarming drama.

3: #6: "Easy A" - Emma's comedic timing and charm steal the show in this modern comedy classic.

4: #5: "La La Land" - Emma's on-screen chemistry with Ryan Gosling elevates this enchanting musical.

5: #4: "Zombieland" - Emma kicks butt and brings the humor in this action-packed zombie flick.

6: #3: "Birdman" - Emma's role alongside Michael Keaton showcases her talent and versatility.

7: #2: "Crazy, Stupid, Love" - Emma's dynamic performance adds depth to this romantic comedy.

8: #1: "The Favourite" - Emma's portrayal of Abigail is award-worthy in this dark and witty period drama.

9: Discover why these 7 Emma Stone movies are a must-watch for any film lover. Explore her range as an actress today!