1: 1. 1985 Celtics vs. Lakers: Kevin McHale’s clothesline on Kurt Rambis shocked fans. 2. 2006 Finals: Mavericks’ Devin Harris flopped, leading to Dwyane Wade free throws. 3. Malice in the Palace: Indiana Pacers’ Ron Artest started a brawl with fans.

2: 4. 2002 Kings vs. Lakers: Tim Donaghy alleged foul play by referees favoring Lakers. 5. James Harden: Accused of “flopping” to draw fouls and deceive referees. 6. 2016 Draymond Green: Kicked Steven Adams, leading to suspension during playoffs.

3: 7. Rasheed Wallace: Notorious for arguing with referees, earning multiple technical fouls. 8. Bill Laimbeer: Infamous for his physical style of play, resulting in many controversial fouls. 9. 2013 NBA Finals: Spurs’ Manu Ginobili fouled Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh in crunch time.

4: 10. 1993 Finals: Suns’ Danny Ainge accused of flopping to draw an offensive foul. 11. 2019 Warriors vs. Raptors: Kyle Lowry shoved by fan after falling into stands. 12. 2007 Suns vs. Spurs: Robert Horry’s hip-check on Steve Nash led to altercation.

5: 13. Latrell Sprewell: Infamously choked coach P.J. Carlesimo during practice. 14. 1998 Playoffs: Bulls’ Scottie Pippen intentionally bumped referee, earning ejection. 15. Derek Fisher: Known for his clutch plays, but also for controversial fouls in playoffs.

6: 16. 2012 Playoffs: Lakers’ Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) elbow to James Harden’s head. 17. 1997 Knicks vs. Heat: Charlie Ward’s blindside hit on P.J. Brown sparked a brawl. 18. 1984 Lakers vs. Suns: Kevin Johnson fouled by Kurt Rambis, leading to ejection.

7: 19. 2018 Finals: Cavs’ J.R. Smith’s infamous blunder in Game 1 played a pivotal role. 20. 2009 Magic vs. Celtics: Dwight Howard’s elbows and physical play led to ejections. 21. Isiah Thomas: Involved in several on-court altercations during his playing career.

8: 22. 1977 Trail Blazers vs. Lakers: Maurice Lucas’ hard foul on Darrall Imhoff escalated. 23. 2011 Mavericks vs. Heat: Mavericks accused Heat of using “flop” tactics to draw fouls. 24. 1987 Pistons vs. Celtics: Larry Bird clotheslined by Bill Laimbeer, sparking rivalry.

9: 25. 2005 Playoffs: Pacers’ Reggie Miller accused of wrapping his legs around defender’s neck. 26. 1994 Knicks vs. Bulls: Scottie Pippen accused of flagrant foul on Hubert Davis. 27. 2015 Clippers vs. Rockets: Controversial foul calls marred the series.