1: Discover lesser-known Anne Hathaway movies that deserve your attention. From indie gems to thrillers, these picks showcase the actress's versatility.

2: "The Devil Wears Prada" may be a classic, but Hathaway's work in lesser-known films like "Song One" and "Passengers" is equally captivating.

3: In "The Last Thing He Wanted," Hathaway delivers a powerful performance as a journalist entangled in a dangerous political conspiracy. Don't miss it.

4: "Rachel Getting Married" showcases Hathaway's dramatic chops in this emotional family drama. A must-watch for fans of the actress's versatile talent.

5: Hathaway shines in "Bride Wars" and "Ella Enchanted," proving she's just as adept at comedy and fantasy as she is at drama. Dive into her diverse filmography.

6: If you loved Hathaway in "Les Misérables," don't miss "Havoc" and "Becoming Jane." These lesser-known roles demonstrate Hathaway's range as an actress.

7: Don't overlook Hathaway's remarkable performances in "Love & Other Drugs" and "The Intern." These heartfelt films showcase her depth and charm.

8: From action-packed thrillers like "Serenity" to heartfelt dramas like "One Day," Anne Hathaway's filmography offers something for every movie lover.

9: Expand your movie-watching horizons with these underrated Anne Hathaway gems. You'll be surprised by the depth and variety of her lesser-known roles.