1: Discover the hidden side effects of green tea, from potential liver damage to insomnia. Stay informed before sipping!

2: Green tea's caffeine content can lead to anxiety and jitteriness in some individuals. Monitor your intake for optimal wellness.

3: Avoid consuming excess green tea to prevent digestive issues like bloating and stomach pain. Moderation is key for health benefits.

4: Not just for weight loss, green tea can negatively impact iron absorption in the body. Ensure a balanced diet for overall health.

5: Protect your teeth from staining by limiting green tea consumption. Practice good oral hygiene to maintain a bright smile.

6: Green tea's antioxidants may interact with certain medications, affecting their effectiveness. Consult your doctor for personalized advice.

7: Excessive green tea can lead to mineral deficiency, causing bone and joint issues. Be mindful of your beverage choices daily.

8: Pregnant or nursing? Limit your green tea intake to minimize risks of complications. Prioritize safety for you and your baby.

9: Stay informed about the potential side effects of green tea to make educated decisions about your daily consumption. Prioritize your health.