1: Shocking NBA Scandals: Intro Discover the jaw-dropping scandals that have rocked the NBA, from dirty plays to game-fixing.

2: Tim Donaghy Scandal Learn about the referee who bet on his own games and influenced the outcomes.

3: Malice at the Palace Relive the infamous brawl between the Pacers and Pistons fans that shocked the sports world.

4: Chris Paul Trade Controversy Uncover the scandal behind the failed trade that left Chris Paul stuck in New Orleans.

5: MJ's Gambling Habits Explore Michael Jordan's rumored gambling addiction and its impact on his career.

6: Jason Kidd Domestic Abuse Delve into the scandal involving Jason Kidd's arrest for domestic violence against his ex-wife.

7: Allen Iverson's Legal Troubles Witness the multiple legal issues that plagued Allen Iverson's career both on and off the court.

8: Donald Sterling Racism Scandal Revisit the scandal surrounding former Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist comments.

9: Top NBA Scandals Recap Recap the most shocking NBA scandals that left fans and players speechless with their controversy.