1: Heat up your workout with these 5 fire moves inspired by Megan Thee Stallion.

2: Get your heart pumping with fierce squats to sculpt those Stallion-worthy curves.

3: Channel your inner Stallion with powerful lunges for a killer lower body burn.

4: Feel the burn with booty-shaping hip thrusts for a strong and sexy rear.

5: Sculpt your core like a Stallion with dynamic plank variations for a killer abs workout.

6: Boost your fitness game with Stallion-inspired burpees for total body toning.

7: Sweat it out with Stallion-approved high knees to elevate your cardio routine.

8: Level up your workout with Stallion-worthy jump squats for explosive lower body strength.

9: Crush your gym goals and unleash your inner Stallion with these 5 hot workout moves.