1: 1. Classic Bratwurst sausages with tangy sauerkraut 2. Schnitzel with crispy breadcrumbs and lemon wedges 3. Rich and creamy Kartoffelsalat (German potato salad)

2: 4. Flaky Apfelstrudel with warm cinnamon apples 5. Spicy currywurst with curry ketchup and fries 6. Hearty Sauerbraten marinated in red wine and spices

3: 7. Buttery Brezen pretzels with mustard dipping sauce 8. Delicious Käsespätzle baked with gooey cheese 9. Sweet Black Forest cake with cherries and whipped cream

4: 10. Zesty Gulasch soup with tender beef and paprika 11. Tasty Rouladen wrapped in bacon and pickles 12. Savory Rösti potatoes fried until crispy

5: 13. Creamy Käsekuchen cheesecake dusted with powdered sugar 14. Filling Maultaschen dumplings stuffed with meat or spinach 15. Warm Lebkuchen cookies with spices and nuts

6: 16. Grilled Fischbrötchen sandwiches with pickles and onions 17. Rich Wurstplatte platters with assorted meats and cheeses 18. Sweet Schmalzkuchen fried dough balls coated in sugar

7: 19. Comforting Königsberger Klopse meatballs in creamy caper sauce 20. Refreshing Gurkensalat cucumber salad with dill dressing 21. Buttery Kaiserschmarrn pancake pieces with jam

8: 22. Spiced Glühwein mulled wine to warm you up 23. Fluffy Berliner Pfannkuchen doughnuts filled with jam 24. Crispy Frittatensuppe soup with thin pancake strips

9: 25. Tangy Rotes Grütze berry pudding with cream 26. Buttery Laugenstange breadsticks sprinkled with salt 27. Silky Rote Bete Suppe beetroot soup with sour cream